Faultfinding & Troubleshooting

AC Service Group runs a faultfinding and troubleshooting service on a call-out basis. We will even look at machinery and electrics that we did not build or install.

To set us a challenge, just give us a ring or email us.


Bespoke Solutions

It is always rewarding to work with our clients to turn what appears to be an insurmountable problem into an elegant solution.

On several occasions, we have impressed our clients by finding a simple, cost effective solution to a problem that they had all but given up on.

We have even machined parts for turn-of-the-century tools and machine components that are no longer in production. If you're not sure if we can assist you, why not give us a try? We love a challenge!


CE Marking

We can CE mark your equipment. email us for a no obligation quotation.

World Class Pumps

AC Service Group has invented, and now builds and sells,some of the most accurate, reliable and easy to clean displacement pumps in the world.

Our pumps are in use internationally in the cosmetics and pharmeceutical industries.

They have dose volumes from as low as 2ml up to 10 times the lowest set volume (e.g. 02-20ml) and are exceptionally accurate, dispensing within 0.05% of the total set volume. Best of all, they can be fully stripped for cleaning without tools in less than a minute.

We will have photos and specifications for the whole range as soon as possible. In the meantime, email or ring for details.



In today's tough economic climate, it's not always feasible to spend on new machinery. We can help.

If you're not sure if retooling is possible, get in touch and we'll give you a no obligation quotation.

World-Class Precision Engineers

AC Service Group is a top-end engineering firm, specialising in automation control. We have extensive experience and knowledge of automated assembly lines, high precision filling systems & pumps, PLC programming, Control Systems Design and CE marking of equipment.

We are adept at modifying, modernising and repairing existing machinery, bringing it in line with current CE regulations, which saves our customers time and money.

Where AC Service Group really excels is our willingness to tackle problems that other firms won't touch. If you need a part they don't make any more, or a solution for any other tricky problem, email, or give us a call !


PLC Programming & Control Systems Design

In most top-end engineering design firms, your idea passes through several departments from first concept to the finished product.

We can do much better than that. As a small firm, we can take your idea from concept to production quickly, accurately and efficiently.

From an initial, no risk consultation, we can draw up your idea and cost it for you, then give you a clear idea of when we can deliver. Difficult jobs are our specialty and our longstanding clients often call upon us to tackle jobs that no other firm can manage.

If it's an engineering problem, give us a call and we'll work with you to find a solution.